This is a video interview with Dallington School founder, proprietor and headteach Mogg Hercules. The school was setup in 1978 because Mogg believed so strongly (as we do at SparkHub) in the power of creative learning. The school has been growing ever since, but the core reason it exists has never waivered.

WATCH: Interview with Mogg Hercules

Dallington has been a great passion and source of pride to me, since I opened the school in 1978. Children are at the heart of everything we do at Dallington. They are part of a unique community in which we celebrate childhood. Our children enjoy a happy and relaxed environment. They are encouraged to contribute, to extend their imaginations, to develop their ideas and to take responsibility for their actions. We want our children to challenge how we use their time, not acquiesce and get on with it.

— Mogg Hercules
 – Headteacher, Proprietor and Founder

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  1. Goodness me, this person is saying kids didn\’t go on trips to galleries etc in the late 1970s? Not rue. We took kids on loads of trips and didn\’t have all the risk assessments to complete either.
    Also, teachers of Art & all subjects have been teaching literacy across the curriculum since then. She didn\’t invent the concept!

  2. Allan Wills

    Hi there – no she said in her part of the world in the 1970s (Australia), not as a blanket statement. And Mogg never claimed she invesnted the concept, but she sure did bring it to life in Dallington!

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