SparkHub is a hub where parents, teachers and caregivers find opportunities to spark the imaginations of the children in our lives for a brighter tomorrow.

Hi, I’m Allan – founder of SparkHub

Like many out there, I’m a busy, time-poor parent of two boys who are growing up way too fast – and I want the best for them. As a direct result of that, I founded SparkHub.

Creative learning is the key to the future…

On one hand, experts accross the board are shouting from the rooftops that creativity and creative learning is very necessary for our children’s future – yet we often squander many opportunities. One of the most inspirational talks I’ve seen (and what sparked me to embark on this journey) was “the most watched” TED talk by sir Ken Robinson.

Further reading only compounds the point, and highlights the very real challenges for anyone related to raising a child growing up today.

So, every minute counts – in or out of a classroom

In the span of a human life, only about 20% of our learning opportunities occur inside a classroom. That leaves 80% outside formal structure. That’s a lot of time to fill, and opportunities to find, so every minute counts. However…

Orange = time spent inside a classroom
Grey = time spent outside a classroom



On the other hand: reality. There are a lot of scary headlines out there – with words like cuts, shortages, uncertainty, gaps, etc. – that all tell us that we need to do a lot more with a lot less – less time, less money, less sleep(?).

It takes a village to raise a child

One of my favourite expressions is “it takes a village to raise a child.” SparkHub is a creative learning village – a collaboration of expertise and the meeting point for knowledge sharing.

Our focus is on time + opportunity.

Our Mission is to create a global creative and inspired learning community that includes academics, scientists, writers, artists, bloggers, parents and, of course, children.

Our Vision is to open the minds of children and parents and help them reach their true potential through fun, creative and inspirational learning.

Creative learning has a significant impact on the way children learn and it is has the power to enrich the child-parent relationship.

We aim to amplify creative learning opportunities using the the foundation of pop culture and key social platforms to create an emotional connection to learning – on- and off-line.

Make your voice heard, maybe even collaborate with us?

SparkHub boradcasts and listens across many channels, all of them open. Consume or particiapte, the choice is yours. If you want to go a step futher, feel free to reach out to us about collaboration (click here to read more on that.)

I believe that our collective efforts will make all those scary headlines seem like missed opportunities. SparkHub exists to find every opportunity to make every minute count; to constantly source the best creative learning tools to help all of us, whoever and wherever we are, do a lot more with a lot less.

Together, through SparkHub, we provide a resource that shapes and inspires the future of learning.